Tuesday, 23 June 2015


Manipulation Of The Mind

Common people can be easily manipulated.

This past weekend I’ve witnessed a Hawaii mobile mechanic use tactics mentioned in The 48 Laws Of Power to take advantage of a customer.

Manipulation happens on a daily basis. People do it unconsciously as well as on purpose. So knowledge is your best defense to protect yourself from manipulation and being taken advantage of.

Now that you are conscious of smaller schemes of power, there is a bigger, greater scheme not many people know or are conscious of. The manipulation of your mind happens on a grand scale and to the masses. Ideals and beliefs are and can be implemented onto you and everyone who is not conscious of what is going on.

I cannot tell you through just one blog post for you to understand. But here’s a little introductory video. And I ask you, “Are your thoughts really your own?:

Are your thoughts your own? Or has it been Continue Reading

Sunday, 7 June 2015


The Game Of Power

There is a real life game being played everywhere. Wherever you are, at some level, the game of power is being played.

Whether the game is being played consciously or not, it is there. But majority of people refuse to see it or acknowledge that it is being played. It’s being played on a Continue Reading