What the heck is criminal sarcasm?


It’s assault.

puppeteerCriminal sarcasm is an assault on an unsuspecting target. Done incognito like Denzel Washington in a limousine. The victim wouldn’t even  know that they have been perpetuated.

Well of course there’s no such crime as criminal sarcasm. But metaphorically speaking, it is an assault on a victims mind. Psychological warfare is the game. And it happens often. On the surface it seems harmless, but a master of the criminal sarcasm technique can wield the powerful “weapon” to intrude into a person’s mind  and find out secrets about them to be used against themselves. It happens often. You’ve probably been victimized several times today, and you didn’t even know it until now.

Here’s a fact: Sarcasm is usually a sign of high intellect.

Psychological warfare is used by many people to rank higher in the game of power. Most people don’t even know they’re in the “game”. Those people usually end up on stage being puppeteered by the puppet masters.

Are you the puppet? To find out, ask Athaia.

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